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The Cash Grab returns on Monday 13th May for two weeks ending on Friday 24th May.

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If you are selected at random to play the Cash Grab on Hits Breakfast with Mark & Phill, you will be called during the two weeks to play.

How to play.

The Cash Grab Banker will open the vault and you will hear the banker counting the piles of money in the vault. Make you sure you listen carefully to the amounts being called out, as you will need to decide when to shout “Give Me The Cash” before the banker closes the vault.  The amounts of cash will go up, but can also go down. It’s a game of chance and suspense, will you hold your nerve before the banker closes the bank?  You could win it all or walk away with nothing! 

How much could I win?

The maximum amount you could win is £1000. 

You are playing across the Radio Kube Network of stations.  Participating stations can be found here.

Full Terms & Conditions can be found here.


You need to use the Essex Hits app to listen to live radio.

Click here to listen on the web.